Strengthening the Mental Health Care Systems for High Risk Groups

Strengthening the Mental Health Care Systems for High Risk Groups

정진욱 ; 채희란 ; 천재영 ; 윤시몬 ; 이홍석 ; 김율리

정신건강고위험자 ; 관리체계
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Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs
This research aims to explore trends of mental health high risk groups as well as challenges concerning relevant service delivery system. The study, thus, initiated surveys on public's perception over mental health issues and aims to offer strategies to improve service systems on mental health high risk groups.
Mental health high risk groups are desired to gain more attention from health-care providers and be coordinated at community level, however, much focus has been solely concentrated on patients with severe mental illnesses.
Outcome of the research shows that intervention of this regard has been insufficient and the public's perception over relatively less severe mental health conditions such as alcohol abuse, depression and self-harm remained low. Such mental health conditions treated and coordinated at community level are limited within relevant mental health clinics which are even under-functioning.
Besides, government's perception over mental health service system was low and public was not well aware of accessible mental health services besides psychiatric hospitals.
Roles of mental health centers need to be refurbished in terms of resources planning and management as well as promotion to coordinate mental health high risk groups. It is also deemed necessary to strengthen its linkages with various other community mental health service institutions(welfare service centers, Youth counseling centers, etc) and relevant delivery system.
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요 약
제1장 서론
제1절 연구의 배경
제2절 연구목적
제2장 정신건강고위험군의 정립
제1절 정신건강에 대한 정의
제2절 정신건강고위험군의 정의
제3장 자살고위험자의 특성
제1절 자살고위험자의 특징
제2절 자살 관련 정신질환
제3절 자살예방에 대한 정책적 방향
제4절 결론
제4장 국내외 정신건강고위험자 관리체계
제1절 국외 정신건강 관리체계
제2절 국내 정신건강고위험자 관리체계
제5장 정신건강 관리체계 개선을 위한 인식조사
제1절 조사개요
제2절 조사결과
제6장 결론 및 제언
제1절 결론
제2절 제언
부록: 전화조사표
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Research Monographs 2012-12
KIHASA Research
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Health care > Health promotion
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