A Study on Fixed Budget for Pharmaceutical Expenditures

A Study on Fixed Budget for Pharmaceutical Expenditures


약제비 지출 ; 예산제의 국가별 비교
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Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs
This study investigated the fixed budget as a pharmaceutical cost containment measure. We focused on the universal health care insurance programs of Germany, France, and Taiwan. Fixed budgets for pharmaceuticals were introduced with fixed budgets for office-based physicians fee in national health insurance systems and intended to limit the expenditures on outpatient prescription drugs. The most important reason why their governments have introduced fixed budgets for health expenditures is to contain the skyrocketing health care cost and restore financial stability in the national health insurance systems. Although healthcare providers have not been willing to agree to government's plans on fixed budget systems, social consensus and joint responsibility on health care financial stability are necessary conditions. When pharmaceutical spending exceed the budgetary target, the physician group or pharmaceutical companies could be held responsible for the cost incurred beyond the ceiling. In France, pharmaceutical companies pay back to the national health insurance authority according to their sales and sales growth in each therapeutic class. Even in fixed budget system for pharmaceuticals, drug price control and utilization management are also important in order to ensure quality use of medicines and efficient cost management.
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요 약
제1장 서론
제1절 연구의 배경과 필요성
제2절 연구 목적
제3절 연구 내용 및 방법

제2장 총액예산제 및 약제비 관리에 대한 이론적 고찰
제1절 보건의료비용 관리를 위한 총액예산제
제2절 약제비 관리를 위한 예산제

제3장 주요 국가의 약제비 예산제 현황
제1절 독일
제2절 프랑스
제3절 대만

제4장 약제비 예산제의 비교 분석
제1절 약제비 예산제 도입의 배경
제2절 진료비 지불제도와의 관계
제3절 약제비 예산제 및 관련 약제 급여제도의 내용
제4절 약제비 예산제 운영의 효과 및 평가

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Research Monographs 2012-06
KIHASA Research
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General social security > Social security financing
Health care > Food/Drugs
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