중산층가족 복지체감도 증진방안 연구 = Study on Improving Ways to Meet the Welfare Needs of the Middle Class Families

중산층가족 복지체감도 증진방안 연구 = Study on Improving Ways to Meet the Welfare Needs of the Middle Class Families

김유경 ; 정현숙 ; 임성은 ; 김정숙

중산층가족 ; 복지체감도
◈ 중산층 및 복지체감 관련 이론적 고찰
◈ 국내외 중산층 가족정책 관련 법ㆍ제도 비교분석
◈ 중산층 가족의 복지체감지수 개발
◈ 중산층 가족의 특성 및 복지체감 수준
◈ 전문가 의견 분석
◈ 중산층 가족의 복지체감도 증진을 위한 사회적 지원 방안 구축

Today, our society is facing several challenges such as increasing family conflict and family break-up in the changing socio-economic environment surrounding families. The impact of the economic crisis stemming from the US for the last 2-3 years has led to the undermining of family-stability, in particular, that of the middle class families. However, public welfare policies are still focused on vulnerable and low-income families while lacking in meeting the needs of the middle class families.
This study is aimed at developing welfare policies to meet the needs of the middle class families. To this end, this study analyzed the laws and regulations regarding the middle class families and the Korea Welfare Panel Study. As part of this research, a broad-scale survey was also conducted with the middle class families and experts in the relevant welfare fields.
The major findings of the study are as follows:
Middle class families were less satisfied with the welfare policy than low-income families but more satisfied than high-income families. Middle-class families are in favor of labor policy, income security policy, and work-family balance policy among welfare policies. In addition, the majority of the middle class families were willing to pay more taxes to receive a wide range of social welfare services. Therefore, while the main policies for the middle class families should be focused on employment and labor, the government should be able to differentiate social services depending on different needs of families as arising from different situations they are in such as parents' marital status or education levels.
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제3절 가족생활주기에 따른 국내 중산층 가족정책 87
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제2절 중산층가족의 복지인식 151
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제2절 중산층가족의 문제점 진단 262
제3절 중산층가족의 복지욕구 310
제4절 시사점 333

제6장 중산층가족의 기준 및 복지정책에 대한 전문가 의견 339
제1절 전문가조사 응답자의 특성 339
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제4절 중산층가족의 소득관련 대책 379
제5절 중산층가족의 일‧가정양립정책 381
제6절 중산층가족의 자녀양육정책 383
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