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Yeo, Nageum
Associate Research Fellow

건강보험, 보건의료정책, 의료급여, National Health Insurance, Healthcare system, Medicaid

Yeo, Eugene
Senior Research Fellow

공공부조, 소득 재분배, 교육 불평등, 빈곤, Social Assistance, Poverty, Income Distribution, Social Cohesion

Yun, Gangjae
Research Fellow

보건의료정책, 한의약정책, 공공의료, Health Care Policy, Korean Medicine Policy, Public Medical Policy

Yun, Suk-myung
Research Fellow

연금, 노후소득보장, 공공재정, Pension, Old Age Income Security, Public Finance

Yi, Min-Gyeong
Associate Research Fellow

장애인복지, 장애인가족의 돌봄부담, 장애인실태, Social Policy for persons with disabilities, Family care burdens of persons with disabilities