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Kim, Jeongseon
Research Fellow

식품정책, 식품안전, 건강영향평가, Food Policy, Food Safety Policy, Health Impact Assessment

Kim, Jonghoon
Research Fellow

국민연금제도, 기금운용, 사적연금제도, 사회보험 재정 모형 및 계량 평가, Public pension system, Pension fund management, Private and corporate retirement pensions, Fiscal modeling and quantitative analysis on social insurances

Kim, Taewan
Senior Research Fellow

빈곤, 사회정책, 공공부조, 농어촌복지, 예술인복지, Poverty, Social Policy(Public Assistance, Rural Welfare, Artist Welfare)

Kim, Hyeon-kyeong
Research Fellow

근로빈곤, 소득불평등, Working Poor, Income Inequality

Kim, Hey-sung
Associate Research Fellow

복지행정, 지방정부, 거버넌스, 사회적 경제, Welfare Administration, Local Government, Gevernance, Social Economy

Kim, Heenyun
Associate Research Fellow

건강보험, 보건의료정책, National Health Insurance, Health System, Healthcare Policy

Na, Wonhee
Associate Research Fellow

공공재정, 교육재정, 고등교육, 노동경제, Public Finance, Education, Labor Economics

Namkung, Eun Ha
Associate Research Fellow

노년기 건강과 웰빙, 장애, 가족 돌봄, 차별, Health and Well-being of Older Adults, Disability, Family Caregiving, Discrimination and Stigma

No, Daemyung
Senior Research Fellow

빈곤문제, 고용복지연계, 사회적경제, Poverty, Welfare to Work Policies, Social Economy

Ryu, Jaerin
Associate Research Fellow

공적연금, 노후소득보장, 노동시장, 마이크로시뮬레이션 모형, Public Pension, Old-age Income Security, Labour Market, Microsimulation Model

Ryu, Jeong-hee
Research Fellow

아동빈곤, 아동복지, 아동복지정책, 아시아 사회복지정책, Child Poverty, Child Welfare Policy, Asian Social Policy

Park, Na Young
Associate Research Fellow

건강증진, 디지털 헬스케어, 건강형평성, 정책평가, Health Promotion, Digital Healthcare, Health Equity, Policy Evaluation

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