Old-age Poverty in Korea and How Should the Government Reduce It

Old-age Poverty in Korea and How Should the Government Reduce It

여유진 ; 김미곤 ; 권문일 ; 최옥금 ; 최준영

현세대노인빈곤 ; 노후소득보장
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Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs
This study aims to propose workable and effective models of old-age income protection. For this purpose, the authors looked into the poverty situations of the current elderly in Korea and their socioeconomic consequences, and examined how a selected number of OECD countries tackle problems concerning old-age poverty. The findings suggest first that poverty rate is significantly higher among one-person elderly households than among elderly-couple households. Second, broad though the Basic Old-age Pension may be in its coverage, its benefit level is considered far less than appropriate. On the other hand, both the Old-age Pension and the National Basic Social Security provide relatively generous benefits, but they cover only 31.1% and 9.4%, respectively, of the elderly population. Third, a number of OECD countries, including Canada, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the UK, are found to provide an amount equivalent to 20~30% of average worker’s income to their senior citizens in the forms of means-tested supplementary benefit, Basic Pension, Guaranteed Minimum Pension. The policy suggestions we make in this study boil down to two things: i) broaden the beneficiary base of the National Pension while strengthening public assistance programs as a supplemental income protection scheme, and; ii) establish outside the National Pension another income protection pillar with the primary objective of reducing poverty among the elderly. The first option, while likely to be more target-efficient, but may well be regarded as less fair, inter-generationally and intra-generationally, than expected of a public income protection scheme. The second can be highly effective, but more costly and less target-efficient.
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요 약

제1장 서론
제1절 연구 필요성 및 목적
제2절 연구 내용 및 연구 방법

제2장 노후소득보장체계의 목표 및 기본원칙
제1절 노후소득보장체계의 목표
제2절 노후소득보장체계의 기본원칙

제3장 현세대 노인의 빈곤 및 공적노후소득보장 실태
제1절 서론
제2절 기존 연구 및 연구 방법
제3절 분석 결과
제4절 소결

제4장 주요국의 노후소득보장제도
제1절 캐나다
제2절 뉴질랜드
제3절 네덜란드

제4절 스웨덴
제5절 영국
제6절 각 국의 연금제도 평가 및 시사점

제5장 노후소득보장체계에 대한 평가와 대안 모색
제1절 서론
제2절 노후소득보장체계 평가
제3절 공적 노후소득보장체계의 재구조화 모델
제4절 노후소득보장체계의 재구조화

제6장 결론 및 정책적 함의

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Research Monographs 2012-31
KIHASA Research
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Income protection > Public pension
Social service > Welfare for older persons
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