근로빈곤층 지원정책 개편방안 연구 = Study on Reform of Activation Policies in Korea

근로빈곤층 지원정책 개편방안 연구 = Study on Reform of Activation Policies in Korea

노대명 ; 홍경준 ; 최승아 ; 전지현 ; 박은영

○ 현행 소득보장과 고용지원, 서비스제공 등의 부처내, 부처간 갈등대응의 효과적인 근로빈곤정책개발
○ 취업과 탈빈곤 촉진의 새로운 고용정책과제 제안

Even though people sympathize with the need for expanding social spending to create employment and improve the income distribution mechanism, they do not agree to bear additional tax, and the reason is in part attributed to the outcome of the government's job creation projects and income redistribution policies of the past several years. In fact, the government had injected substantial amount of financial resources to create jobs, but majority of people skeptically view the result of such initiatives on creating employment of quality and/or sustainability.
The income redistribution policies such as public assistance program are also being criticized for the failure to guarantee the fairness and efficiency in selecting the recipients and managing the resource. It seems such criticism is linked with the notion that current social spending is not being made efficiently and that expanding such ill-managed spending should be avoided. Thus the employment and welfare policy of our society has a pending task of suggesting an alternative measure to create quality jobs and resolve the polarization of income.
The income protection and the public employment services are two important components of Anti-poverty policies, so called workfare or activation policies. However the Activation Policies in our society seems to have the obstacles to meet the expectation mentioned above. Thus the reform or re-orientation of activation policies - korean workfare policies - is required, strengthening the for working poor. But simply expanding the social spending will not solve the problem. It requires changes of larger scale, from changing the minimum income protection scheme to integrating various public employment programs.
In this study, the most important step for the reform of actual workfare policies is the re-arrangement of National Basic Likelihood Security Program. Currently, the latter is considered as an basic and intouchable welfare program, however there is the problems of effectiveness and efficiency in the perspective of poverty exit rate and self-reliance. Therefore, the reform for activation policies must start from restructuring public assistance program. The other issue is the integration of similar employment service programs, like Korean Self-Reliance Program, Program for the creation of Micro-Enterprise, and Program for Social Enterprise.
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제2절 사용자료?인구집단?소득의 원천별 구분
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제2절 근로빈곤층 지원정책 개편을 위한 정책제안

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연구보고서 2009-26-3
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