Establishment and Operation of the Health and Welfare Statistical Information System

Establishment and Operation of the Health and Welfare Statistical Information System

이연희 ; 김나연

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Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs
- 보건복지 통계 DB 구축을 위한 중장기 계획 수립 및 인프라 구축

- 보건복지 통계 DB 운영을 위한 인프라 구축

ㅁIn the past, statistics was of interest to only such specialized groups as policy makers, producers of statistics and some related experts, but as the quality of life is increasing with economic growth, the public's interest in statistics is also on the rise.
ㅁThe government and related agencies have been investing significant budget and efforts to meet the rising demand for statistical information services, but even the existing statistical information cannot be easily accessed by users.
○ Management system is needed for the following objectives: Making an environment where the existing statistical data can be used more actively; improving graphical layout; maximizing the provision of user-demanded statistical data; forecasting statistical demand; ensuring statistics data integrity.
○ Create a database which includes the National Statistics Office-approved survey statistics that KIHASA produces, various basic statistics in the form of papers, statistics based on administrative records, and raw data in file forms, for the better and systematic data management and services, to improve the use of statistical information, and to provide high quality statistical services for the public.
ㅁThis study aims at creating a seamless system of information service delivery that will enhance the public's access to health and welfare statistics by maximizing the user-friendliness and developing a portal. It also aims at creating an environment for the efficient provision of statistical data on which evidence-based health and social welfare policy measures are based.
Table Of Contents
Ⅰ.서 론
1. 연구배경 및 목적
2. 연구내용 및 방법

Ⅱ.보건복지통계 생산현황
1. 국내 보건복지 관련통계 생산기관 및 현황
2. 보건복지 관련 조사통계 생산현황
3. 그 외의 조사통계
4. 시사점

Ⅲ. 국내·외 통계정보시스템 운영 현황
1. 국내 통계사이트 현황
2. 해외 통계사이트 현황
3. 시사점

Ⅳ. 통계생산 프로세스
1. 통계조사 과정
2. 통계정보 수집과정
3. 통계정보 관리
4. 통계정보 서비스
5. 업무프로세스 개선사항

Ⅴ. 보건복지통계정보시스템 정보화 비전 및 미래설계
1. 정보화 비전 및 목표
2. 미래 설계
3. IT 인프라 구축방안
4 하드웨어 및 네트워크 구축방안
5. 소프트웨어 구축방안
6. 실행 계획
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Research Monographs 2009-35
KIHASA Research
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General social security > Health and welfare digitization
General social security > Social security statistics
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