위해평가 기술 선진화를 위한 조사연구 = Investigation on advancement of risk assessment skill

위해평가 기술 선진화를 위한 조사연구 = Investigation on advancement of risk assessment skill

김정선 ; 곽노성 ; 정진욱 ; 김어지나 ; 백소혜 ; 박지은 ; 김경은

위해평가 ; 국제협력 ; 양해각서
The Purpose of the study is investigation on the advance of food safety risk assessment techniques and the management of the KFDA-BfR Joint international symposium. This study identifies organization, infrastructure, techniques, risk assessment examples, and research trends of domestic and foreign risk assessment agencies as well as their co-working and support system. With the current situation such as structural system and the support systems such as education method being analyzed, this study suggests improvements for organization and support system pertaining to food safety risk assessment techniques of Korea.
As results of foreign trend, each of countries conducts risk assessment and management by integrating or separate agencies in order for appropriate operation fitted with their own situation as well as private committee participation, a principle of the disclosure of information, and reinforcement of interministerial or international cooperation system. Along with risk communication of institutions on the rise, data management system, education and training programs are supported At the KFDA-BfR joint international symposium held on 7~8, November 2011, they suggested fields for future cooperation and exchange between agencies. The symposium content was comprised of 3 sessions; risk communication, risk management and risk assessment with 15 scientists and experts from Korea, Germany, and Japan announcing. They also decided to hold the next BFR-KFDA joint international symposium in 2013 in Berlin and agreed that they should conduct joint researches in collaboration with Germany, Denmark, Brazil, and China joint researches funded by the EU.
In conclusion, it is more important to functionally ensure independence of the risk assessment rather than transformation of the existing organization system. It is necessary to establish risk management strategy based on results from the risk assessment, realize the new paradigm of the risk assessment, and implement education, training, and surveillance in order to ensure reliability of assessment results.
For support system, it is required to build unified database management system, invigorate exchange for risk information with international organizations or developed countries, and strengthen domestic and foreign cooperation by expanding MOU and joint researches.
Ⅰ. 총괄연구개발과제 요약문

국문요약문 1

Ⅱ. 총괄연구개발과제 연구결과

제1장 서론 7
제1절 연구 필요성 및 배경 7
제2절 연구목적 8
제3절 연구범위 8
제4절 연구내용 9
제5절 연구방법 10

제2장 국내 현황 15
제1절 위해평가의 개념 15
제2절 국내 위해평가기관 현황 16
제3절 위해평가 사례 및 연구 현황 20
제4절 시사점 22

제3장 국외 현황 25
제1절 국제기준 Codex 25
제2절 미국 27
제3절 일본 36
제4절 유럽연합 및 유럽국가들 41
제5절 아시아권 국가들 97
제6절 시사점 117
제4장 KFDA-BfR 공동 국제심포지엄 개최 및 시사점 127
제1절 목적 및 연혁 127
제2절 범위 및 세부일정 129
제3절 발표내용 132
제4절 시사점 및 향후 발전방향 155

제5장 시사점과 정책제언 161
제1절 시사점 161
제2절 정책제언 166

참고문헌 168

부 록 170
부록 1. KFDA-BfR 공동 국제심포지엄 자료집(별쇄본 첨부) 172
부록 2. KFDA-BfR 공동 국제심포지엄 관련 173
부록 3. 총괄연구개발과제의 연구성과 178
부록 3-1. 총괄활용성과 178
부록 3-2. 총괄활용계획 179
부록 4. 총괄주요연구 변경사항 180
부록 5. 총괄첨부서류 180
부록 6. 총괄 연구과제 요약 181
보고서 번호
정책보고서 2011-59
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