Low Fertility and Population Aging: Socioeconomic Impacts of Baby Bust

Low Fertility and Population Aging: Socioeconomic Impacts of Baby Bust

이삼식 ; Minja Kim Choe

Low Fertility and Population Aging
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Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs
Table Of Contents
The Socioeconomic Implications of Baby Bust in Korea
(Samsik Lee, KIHASA) 1

Old Age and Inequality : focusing on income and expenditure
(Sochung Lee, KIHASA) 23

Aging baby boomers and health care finances: National Health Insurance and Long-Term Care Insurance
(Yunkyung Lee, KIHASA) 43

Demographic Changes and Consumption Trends
(Eunjung Kim, KIHASA) 63

Explaining Trends in Coresidents of Newly Married Couples with Parents in Japan (Rikiya Matsukura, Robert D. Retherford, Naohiro Ogawa, EWC) 79

Gender Inequality in Labor Market and Fertility
(Jongseo Park, KIHASA) 117

Potential Institutional Accommodations in the face of Low Fertility (Ronald R. Rindfuss, EWC) 149

Will Population Change be Good or Bad for the Asia's Economies? (Andrew Mason, EWC) 171

Late Birth and Its Implications in South Korea
(Hosik Min, KIHASA) 187

The Rise of Temporary Migration of Rural Married Women and Its Effect on Non-Farm Employment for All Temporary Migrant Rural Women in China, 1990-2005 (Jiajian Chen, Robert D. Retherford, Minja Kim Choe, Xiru Li, Hongyan Cui, EWC) 195

Appendix. Conference Agenda 205
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Miscellaneous Reports 2011-03
KIHASA Research
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Population and family > Responses to fertility decline
Population and family > Responses to population aging
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