Study on Improving Effectiveness of Korea's Health Field ODA

Study on Improving Effectiveness of Korea's Health Field ODA

홍석표 ; 조명선 ; 장진영

한국 보건의료분야 ; 공적개발원조(ODA)
Publication Year
Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs
◈ 공적개발원조 전달체계 및 사후관리 검토
◈ 수원국별 전략수립을 위한 기초연구 현황 검토
◈ 미래지향적 국가 ODA 전략 수립

In recent years, through a variety of international organizations and public aid agencies, efforts to strengthen health care systems of underdeveloped countries is being made. By integrating existing vertical health services approach and the horizontal approach through enhancing the health care system, the diagonal approach for the synergistic effect with an integrated approach has been suggested as an alternative. Currently, Korea is providing combination of short-term projects such as hospital ward establishment, equipment supply, a small number of personnel training programs to the recipient countries by their request. Therefore Korea's ODA should improve equity, accessibility and responsiveness in health care systems of the recipient countries by strengthening their health care services, health care workers, health care information systems, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, medical technology, finance, leadership and governance.
Table Of Contents
Abstract 1

요 약 3

제1장 서론 9

제2장 한국의 공적개발원조(ODA) 17
제1절 한국 공적개발원조 역사 17
제2절 한국 ODA 기본법령 및 목표 19
제3절 한국 ODA 지원 방식 및 형태 20

제3장 주요 선진 공여국의 27
제1절 일본 27
제2절 영국 30
제3절 유럽연합 집행위원회(European Commission) 39
제4절 시사점 49

제4장 보건의료분야 55
제1절 일반 예산 지원(GBS: General Budget Support) 55
제2절 국제보건파트너쉽(International Health Partnership) 64
제3절 ODA의 효과성 제고를 위한 고찰 69

제5장 우리나라 보건의료 ODA 전략의 향후 방향 고찰 77
제1절 선진원조 사례를 통한 우리나라 보건분야 ODA 시사점 77
제2절 정책 제언 87

참고문헌 91

부록 99
Local ID
연구보고서 2011-41-2
KIHASA Research
Subject Classification
General social security > International social security
Health care > Health care service
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