2010 Development and Operation of Gateway System for Internet Health Information

2010 Development and Operation of Gateway System for Internet Health Information

정영철이기호 ; 김수진 ; 유주헌

인터넷 건강정보 ; 게이트웨이스시템
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Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs
○ 대중매체 건강정보 모니터링 연계체계 구축
○ 대국민 건강교육정보 서비스체계 구축
○ 최신 정보기술 동향분석 및 활용방안 모색
○ 인터넷 건강정보 게이트웨이시스템 추가개발 및 운영

The Health Information Park ( is an internet-based gateway system designed to promote public use of up-to-date and reliable health information. Aimed at protecting people’s health rights, encouraging healthy lifestyle practices, providing broader health education information, and increasing user convenience, the Health Information Park is refurbished and enriched in 2010 with many a number of new features, including health widget, RSS, bookmark, and blog. As of December 2010, the Health Information Park is a one-stop information storehouse of 118 source organizations that provides 5,247 newspaper/broadcast reports, health contents (9 recommended items, 30 patient group information pieces, 99 self-diagnosis articles), 1,350 health education articles, 1,406 healthy lifestyle articles, 2,337 health articles on different body parts, 2007 health information pieces for different age groups, 2,431 pieces of information on 17 different diseases, 195 expert views, and 669 health rules. In addition, the 2010 Health Information Park features 23 health apps for wireless internet users. The Health Information Park has drawn in 2010 a daily average of 2,505 visits, a fall from the previous year’s figure of 2,930, which points to the need for increasing user accessibility. In a user survey that was conducted as part of the current project, the Health Information Park and the information posted on it were rated highly in terms of profusion, reliability, usability, ease of browsing, timeliness, and comprehensibility. Future efforts will have to be exerted at the government level to craft comprehensive standards for public health portals, provide mid-to-long-term plans and financial support for “customized contents,” develop more health information apps for mobile users, and strengthen partnership and ties with existing and new information source groups.
Table Of Contents
제1장 서 론
제1절 연구의 배경 및 필요성
제2절 연구목적
제3절 연구내용 및 방법

제2장 국내외 인터넷 건강정보 서비스 동향 분석
제1절 우리나라 인터넷 건강정보 서비스 동향
제2절 주요 국외 인터넷 건강정보 서비스 동향
제3절 모바일 인터넷 건강정보 서비스 동향

제3장 「건강정보광장」 추가개발 및 시스템 구성
제1절 개발 기본계획 수립
제2절 개발 내용
제3절 시스템 구성

제4장 「건강정보광장」 운영 및 이용현황
제1절 콘텐츠 관리운영현황
제2절 이용현황

제5장 결론 및 정책제언


부 록 : 「건강정보광장」 이용자 만족도 및 수요조사(설문지)
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Research Monographs 2010-39
KIHASA Research
Subject Classification
General social security > Health and welfare digitization
Health care > Health promotion
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