한국의 보건복지 동향 : 2010 = Korea's Health and Welfare Trends 2010

한국의 보건복지 동향 : 2010 = Korea's Health and Welfare Trends 2010

장영식 ; 고경환 ; 이승욱 ; 이정우 ; 김나연 ; 진달래

보건복지 ; 동향
-분야별 체계적인 통계의 분류
-분야별 주요 지표체계분석 제시
-통계지표를 통한 보건복지 동향 분석

The socioeconomic development has led many to be increasingly interested in the quality of life, and thus in the levels of healthcare and welfare, which are closely related to the quality of life. For the government's health and welfare policies to be implemented more efficiently in meeting people's needs, it is imperative to make, implement and evaluate the policies based on scientific statistics. The need to produce and provide more sophisticated statistics in the field of health and welfare is ever increasing in line with the socioeconomic development.
Furthermore, International organizations such as the OECD, WHO and World Bank are demanding increasingly more statistics on health and welfare. Statistics collected by international organizations are a useful tool to look at where a country stands in its socioeconomic development by making international comparison possible. To meet this demand, it is necessary to establish a centralized production and management system of health and welfare statistics.
Constructing an efficient production system of diverse statistics and an efficient data provision system will help policy makers, those who implement policies and researchers use data more effectively, which helps achieve policy goals and increases the usefulness of research results. That is, centralizing the management and provision of health and welfare statistics will make production of statistics more efficient, and maximize their usefulness in policymaking and research.
For this purpose, we have systematically arranged health and welfare indicators, and analyzed and illustrated the health and welfare trends after selecting key indicators.
제1장 서론
제1절 연구의 필요성 및 목적
제2절 연구의 내용 및 방법
제2장 보건복지지표 선행 연구 및 지표선정
제1절 보건복지지표 선행연구 및 외국의 지표체계
제2절 보건복지 지표선정
제3장 보건의 동향
제1절 건강상태
제2절 보건의료자원
제3절 보건의료이용
제4절 출생, 사망 및 질병, 상해
제5절 건강의식행태
제6절 보건비용
제7절 보건의 비의료 결정요인
제4장 복지의 동향
제1절 공공부조
제2절 사회보험
제3절 사회복지서비스
제5장 보건복지 관련 지표
제1절 인구 및 경제지표
제2절 보건복지예산
제3절 보건복지 관련 지수
제6장 보건복지지표의 발전방향
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연구보고서 2010-28
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