Analysis of the Socioeconomic Value of Volunteering in the Social Service Sector

Analysis of the Socioeconomic Value of Volunteering in the Social Service Sector

이철선이연희 ; 남상호 ; 김진희

자원봉사활동 ; 사회적 가치 ; 경제적 가치 ; 사회서비스 산업
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Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs
This study is aimed at examining volunteering as a potential source for reducing the financial burden of welfare spending that has been growing with increasing income disparities and advancing population aging. Volunteering is considered in this study also as a supplement to the social service workforce employed in government-subsidized work programs. This study first briefs the history and features of volunteering in Korea on the individual and corporate levels. Secondly, we estimate the socioeconomic value of volunteering based on our internet survey and our analysis of the potential of volunteering in the industrial context. Thirdly, we identify priority issues that need to be addressed in the effort to promote volunteering. Lastly, this study presents policy recommendations, and further discusses what should be done, to promote the voluntary sector. Our conclusion points to the need to reduce the risk of information on volunteering that the early majority (including enterprise entities) encounters. Increased policy attention is needed to foster a culture of sharing. Some of social economic organizations (including social enterprises) need to be recognized as “organizations in need of volunteers.” In addition, policy measures should be redesigned to better incentivize volunteering.
Table Of Contents
Abstract 1
요 약 3
제1장 서 론 9
제1절 연구의 배경과 목적 11
제2절 연구의 내용과 방법 16
제2장 한국의 자원봉사 현황 19
제1절 한국의 자원봉사 연혁과 구조 21
제2절 한국의 개인 자원봉사 현황 36
제3절 한국의 기업 자원봉사 현황 53
제3장 자원봉사의 경제적·사회적 가치 측정 61
제1절 개관 63
제2절 자원봉사의 경제적 가치 측정 65
제3절 자원봉사의 사회적 가치 측정 78
제4장 자원봉사 재확산을 위한 7대 이슈 97
제1절 개관 99
제2절 한국의 자원봉사 재확산을 위한 7대 이슈 100
제5장 시사점과 정책적 과제 133
제1절 시사점 135
제2절 정책적 과제 142
참고문헌 153
부 록 157
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Research Monographs 2016-49
KIHASA Research
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Social service > General social service
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