다부처관련 정책 현황조사: 식품인증·표시

다부처관련 정책 현황조사: 식품인증·표시

정기혜 ; 김동우 ; 조주연 ; 김동영

다부처관련 ; 식품인증표시
- 식품의 생산, 유통, 판매(구매) 및 섭취 단계별 인증표시 실태 파악
- 각 제도간 중복, 사각 및 비효율 파악 및 개선방안 도출
- 새롭게 도입이 필요한 인증표시 제도 제안

Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS), which was elevated from launching of
the Park Geun-hye Administration, is consolidating food safety work. However,
Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA) and Ministry of Oceans
and Fisheries (MOF) still play a major role in food safety policy as well.
In many food related policies, food certification and food labeling are the most
consumer-friendly system. Currently, total 37 (27 certification and 10 labeling)
systems are being implemented by three major ministries. To explain in detail,
MFDS is managing total 14 (each 7 certification and labeling) systems, MAFRA has
total 16 (14 certification and 2 labeling) systems, and MOF is implementing total 7
(6 certification and 1 labeling) systems. In total 37 systems, 8 systems are operating
as mandatory regulation and 29 systems are operating as voluntary regulation, and 8
mandatory regulations are composed of 4 systems of country of origin, 1 Hazard
Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) related system, and 3 health functional
foods systems.
KAP study was implemented to 59 consumer food sanitation inspectors and 32
food businesses about 37 certification and labeling systems. "Do not know the
difference between certification systems" showed high rate of response due to lack
of awareness about system and lack of government's publicity. Also, there was a
high recognition rate on expiration date marking, country of origin marking, and
HACCP marking. However, geographical indication system for agriculture and
marine products, alcohol quality certification system, Korean food grand master
system, and HACCP regulation of commercial feed sector showed low recognition
Absence of indication form of country of origin, informal expiration date marking,
and different certification logo of nutrition labeling from same system were studied
as inconveniences. At the same time, text size, location, meaning of indication, and
frequent changes of marking were revealed as improvements. Also, radiation safety
certification, restaurant hygiene certification, marking certification officer,
certification consolidation, and enhancing post management were shown as
additional needs.
As improvements for current food certification and labeling system, consolidation
of HACCP marking, traceability certification, quality certification logo was evaluated
in needed, and underutilized systems, including traditional food, Korean food grand
master, seafood traceability, geographical indication, were evaluated that abolition of
system or strengthen publicity to improve the level of consumer awareness of the
system were needed.
To eliminate blind spots of food certification and labeling system, introduction of
a standardized form for country of origin marking, nutrition labeling of products
units, improvements of text size and visibility of indication for better understanding
were required.
Finally, overall improvements for food certification and labeling system were
stated with fixed position and design of expiration date marking, enhanced
promotion of certification and labeling system, expanding information providing by
introduction of QR mark, introduction of radiation safety certification, especially
iodine and cesium safety certification for infants products, strengthen infrastructure
related to system, and drawing up the evidence of improvement by periodic
consumer perception study.
요 약 1
Abstract 3
제1장 서 론 11
제1절 추진배경 11
제2절 정책현황 12
1. 조사대상 제도 현황 12
2. 정책비교 14
제2장 실태조사 19
제1절 조사개요 19
제2절 조사결과 21
1. 조사대상자의 일반적 특성 21
2. 조사결과 23
3. 세부분석 30
제3장 개선방안 37
제1절 중복 해소방안 37
1. 개선방향 37
2. 해소방안 37
제2절 사각지대 해소방안 39
1. 개선방향 39
2. 해소방안 39
3. 기타 42
부 록 43
부록 1. 각 부처별 인증제도 운용 현황 43
1. 식품의약품안전처 43
2. 농림축산식품부 49
3. 해양수산부 57
부록 2. 식품·인증에 관한 KAP 설문지 59
참 고 문 헌 65
보고서 번호
정책보고서 2013-33
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