Study on the R&D Systems in health care

Study on the R&D Systems in health care

박은자 ; 김진수 ; 윤시몬 ; 윤흰뫼 ; 이예슬 ; 곽노성 ; 김현철

보건의료 ; 연구개발사업
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Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs
This study analyzed the Korean government supported R&D system in healthcare, and compared it with that in US, EU, or Japan.
The outcome of the National Science & Technology Information Service (NTIS) analysis shows that healthcare R&D expenditures occupied 10.1% of total national budget spent on R&D in Korea. It only includes the R&D budget by government but dose not include all the used by the private sector.
While the Ministry of Health & Welfare is a main department for healthcare policies, national R&D in healthcare has been conducted in the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy, in the Ministry of Education, in the Ministry of Health & Welfare, and so on. The Ministry of Education supported 37.8% of healthcare R&D expenditures. The Ministry of Health & Welfare and the ministry of trade, industry, and energy spent 28.5% and 24.2% of total expenditures, separately.
NHI manages the most of healthcare R&D burden in US, and Japan carries forward a scheme to unify management of healthcare R&D projects. The research suggests the unified management system which can control healthcare R&D throughout all ministries of government to conduct R&D efficiently.
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Abstract 1
요 약 3
제1장 서론 17
제1절 연구 배경 및 목적 17
제2절 연구 내용 및 방법 19
제3절 연구의 제한점 21
제4절 주요 약어 22
제2장 국내 연구개발 추진 현황 25
제1절 미래창조과학부 및 교육부 25
제2절 보건복지부 46
제3절 식품의약품안전처 75
제4절 산업통상자원부 81
제5절 중소기업청 91
제6절 소결 98
제3장 선진국의 연구개발 추진현황 113
제1절 미국 113
제2절 EU 131
제3절 일본 152
제4절 소결 178

제4장 주요사업 및 과제분석 183
제1절 개요 183
제2절 부처별 현황 188
제3절 중분류별 현황 217
제4절 소결 249
제5장 결론 및 정책제언 255
제1절 주요 연구결과 255
제2절 보건의료 분야 연구개발사업 개선방안 258
참고문헌 261
부 록 265
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Research Monographs 2013-07
KIHASA Research
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Health care > Health care service
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