A study for improving management and operation of National Health Promotion Fund

A study for improving management and operation of National Health Promotion Fund

김혜련 ; 여지영 ; 정애숙

국민건강증진기금 ; 국민건강증진정책심의위원회 ; 건강증진사업 ; 거버넌스
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Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs
National Health Promotion Fund was founded in 1995 based on National Health Promotion Act and mostly funded by tobacco tax. It has played an important role in distribution and development of health promotion programme in Korea. However, there are several issues to be resolved in management of the fund. First of all, legislation for spending ?the ?fund is not clear. Also, it is insufficient to utilize the fund directly for health promotion, since significant portion of the fund has been spending on other indirect purposes -such as health insurance support, R&D for health industry, funding medical fees for certain diseases, and support for Korean Center for Disease Control. The allocation for health improvement including?health promotion?researches and activities to expand of?healthy lifestyle?is rather a small part of the fund. Moreover, the outcomes of existing researches are not fully utilized and expanded.
This study is to review current status and problems of National Health Promotion Fund and to suggest policy options for improving management of the fund, also its development strategies.
The method adopted in this study includes analysis of administration data and budgetary document, review of existing literature associated with National Health Promotion Fund, survey of experts’ opinions, and comparison with other countries`s health promotion foundation such as Australia’s, Thailand’s, and Switzerland’s.
This study suggests five recommendations for effective operation of National Health Promotion Fund and its development strategies.
First, it is necessary to enhance the status of health promotion fund committee in order to establish effective governance system and control tower of Health Promotion Fund.
Second, it is recommend to revising legislation that defines the scope of application and priority of spending health promotion fund. The portion to support health insurance and other purposes such as budget use of?general accounting programs out of the fund should be reduced step by step.
Third, public acknowledgement of health promotion programme should be expanded through wide range of promotional activities including media/non-media, social marketing, and nationwide campaign to emphasize and promote healthy life practices.
Fourth, It is required to expand health promotion research, establish quality management system and monitor performance of health promotion programmes.
Finally, to effectively activate all aforementioned recommendations, it is necessary to reform National Health Promotion Act and enact its managerial regulation.
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목 차
제1장 서론 15
제1절 연구배경 및 목적 15
제2절 연구내용 및 방법 20
제2장 이론적 고찰 및 선행연구 29
제1절 이론적 고찰 : 건강증진 개념과 범위 29
제2절 선행연구 45
제3장 건강증진기금 운영현황 및 문제점 51
제1절 법제도 51
제2절 기금의 관리운영 거버넌스 57
제3절 건강증진기금 재원배분 67
제4절 건강증진기금 사업활동 84
제5절 건강증진기금사업의 평가, 활용 및 확산 현황 109
제4장 외국 건강증진기금사업 사례 비교분석 131
제1절 건강증진기금 운용국가들의 건강증진 사업 131
제2절 건강증진기금 비운용 국가들의 건강증진 사업 156
제3절 우리나라 건강증진사업에 주는 시사점 198

제5장 건강증진기금 운영의 개선 발전방안 203
제1절 기본방향 203
제2절 건강증진기금 관리운영(거버넌스) 개선 206
제3절 건강증진기금의 사용과 예산배분 개선 222
제4절 건강증진 연구, 사업평가 및 활용 개선 241
제5절 법제도 개선 257
제6장 결론 267
참고문헌 272
부록 285
조사표 285
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Research Monographs 2013-02
KIHASA Research
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Health care > Health promotion
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