Development of Social Indicators for the Asian Region

Development of Social Indicators for the Asian Region

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Part I
Indicators Framework and Assessment

Chapter 1 An Interpretative Guide
1. The goal of Asian social indicators
2. The framework of Asian social indicators
3. The selection and description of indicators

Chapter 2 Measuring Well-being: What Role for Social Indicators?
1. Introduction
2. GDP and Social indicators
3. Foreign Aid Dependency and Basic Social indicators for Poverty Reduction
4. Monetary measures of economic resources
5. Well-being and happiness

Annex 1: GDP Growth rate and Inflation growth rate (1990-2005)
Annex 2: GDP Growth rate and Inflation growth rate (1995-2005)
Annex 3: Inflation growth rate pattern (1995-2005)
Annex 4: GDP growth rate pattern (1995-2005)


Part II
Social Indicators

General Context Indicators (GE):
GE1. National Income per Capita
GE2. Age-dependency Ratio
GE3. Fertility Rates
GE4. Migration
GE5. Marriage and Divorce

Self-sufficiency Indicators (SS):
SS1. Employment
SS2. Unemployment
SS3. Education

Equity Indicators (EQ):
EQ1. Earnings Inequality
EQ2. Gender Wage Gaps
EQ3. Public Social Spending
EQ4. Old-age Pension Replacement Rates

Health Indicators (HE):
HE1. Life Expectancy
HE2. Health Care Expenditure
HE3. Low Birth Weight
HE4. Infant Mortality Rate
HE5. Health Risk Factors and Public Health Challenges

Social Cohesion Indicators (CO):
CO1. Life Satisfaction
CO2. Alcohol and Tobacco Use
CO3. Drug Use and Related Risks
CO4. Strikes
CO5. Voting
CO6. Public Policies and Institutions
CO7. Work Accidents
CO8. Prisoners

Part III
Capacity Building for Poverty Reduction Program
by Improving Delivery System

1. Introduction
2. Transparency
3. Accountability
4. Predictability
5. Participation
6. Country-Specific Poverty Strategy
7. Capacity Building for the Local Government Officials
8. Monitoring
9. Conclusions
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