보건의료분야에서의 창조경제 구현방안

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dc.description.abstract- 창조경제 패러다임 적용가능한 분야 및 신산업 후보군 도출 - 창조경제 패러다임 적용을 통한 유형별 국내외 제품 및 서비스 개발 성공사례와 성공요인 분석 - 산학연 전문가 FGI 실시를 통한 융합 서비스 및 산업 선정 - 보건의료 부문에서의 창조경제 구현과 일자리 창출을 위한 정책방안 제시
dc.description.abstractThe newly inaugurated government of the president Park launched five national agenda for its governmental objectives; 1) Achieving creative economy focused on job creation 2) Providing customized job employment and welfare, 3) Increasing the educational and cultural life 4) Establishing social security and integration, 5) Building a foundation for the era of unification. The creative economy aims to combine both the science and the technology driven by individual creativity and imagination. The idea is to converge culture, technology and industry to find new engine for the future growth and to create new jobs in economy. Healthcare sector can incorporate a variety of science and technology, but it requires multi-disciplinary approach. Therefore, it is recognized as one of the most suitable area for the creative economy paradigm and expected as a key area to achieve its national goal. However, current healthcare industry lacks its investment in research and development compared to other developed countries and it shows low industry-academia research linkage. Furthermore healthcare technology transfer market is not active. There is a limit in increasing investment in R&D in the short time and in dramatically improving R&D system. On the other hand, there are a lot of barriers in innovation created by regulation. If these barriers are removed, new creative economy can bloom. Innovation can be encouraged by breaking down barriers between industries through deregulation. In this study, we propose a two-track approach to build a creative economy in healthcare sector. First, the sector which needs convergence with IT, BT, NT should be fostered to break through new technology and to preempt world market. However it will be difficult to upbringing in the short time, thus it will be desirable to expand R&D portfolio gradually with a long term perspective. On the other hand, telemedicine, health management service industry, health information service industry, medical tourism and hospital market in overseas, elderly friendly market can have an immediate effect for creative economy through deregulation. We expect healthcare workers and policy makers to see its potential market in healthcare sector through this report.
dc.description.tableOfContents요 약 1 Abstract 5 제1장 서 론 13 제1절 창조경제 13 제2절 창조경제와 보건의료산업 14 제2장 보건의료분야의 환경 변화 17 제3장 국내 보건의료산업의 생태계 현황과 창조경제 구축방향 25 제1절 핵심사업 분야 26 제2절 확장된 네트워크(extended network) 33 제3절 보건의료분야에서의 창조경제 구축 방향 35 제4장 보건의료분야에서의 창조경제 구현 가능분야 37 제1절 원격의료(Telemedicine) 37 제2절 건강관리서비스 54 제3절 보건의료정보(Health information technology)산업 69 제4절 의료관광(Global healthcare) 및 병원해외진출 분야 86 제5절 바이오의약 104 제6절 고령친화산업 124 제5장 보건의료분야 고용 현황 및 창조경제를 통한 일자리 창출 127 제1절 보건의료분야 고용현황 127 제2절 보건의료분야에서의 창조경제 시장규모 전망 131 제3절 보건의료분야에서 창조경제를 통한 고용창출규모 예측 138 참고문헌 155 부 록 163
dc.title보건의료분야에서의 창조경제 구현방안
dc.identifier.localId정책보고서 2013-10
dc.subject.kihasa보건의료 자원
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