식품 시험검사분야 교육시스템 개발 연구 = Study on development of the education system for authorized official laboratory of foodstuff

식품 시험검사분야 교육시스템 개발 연구 = Study on development of the education system for authorized official laboratory of foodstuff

김정선 ; 정진욱 ; 윤시몬 ; 이서희

시험검사기관 ; 교육시스템 ; 식품
□ 국제적으로 경쟁력을 갖춘 식품 시험검사분야의 선진화 교육기반 마련 및 식품 시험검사분야 전문가를 위한 맞춤형 교육시스템을 개발하고자 한다.
첫째, 국내 시험검사기관 및 교육기관의 교육과정 현황 조사·분석을 통한 국가기관, 지자체 및 민간검사기관의 교육과정 운영 현황 파악

○ 국내 시험검사기관 조사·분석을 통한 검사원의 담당 업무와 이수한 교육의 연계성 및 각 기관별 검사원 대상 교육 만족도 및 니즈 파악

○ 일본 현장조사 및 참고자료 조사를 통한 국외 시험검사기관의 교육관련 운영 현황 분석

○ 식품 시험검사 분야에서 분야별 및 난이도별 수요자 중심의 개별 맞춤형 교육시스템 개발

○ 식품 시험검사 교육을 위한 중?장기적 발전 방안 마련

This study is proposed for establishing a developed education infrastructure with
international competitiveness and for developing a customized education system for
specialists in food analysis field. We investigated the current state of operating
curriculums of national institute, local government and private authorized official laboratory
through looking into and analyzing a course of study of the domestic authorized official
laboratory and educational institutions. We also surveyed and analyzed the domestic
authorized official laboratory in order to understand the connectivity between tasks of
inspector and their completed subjects, inspectors’s satisfaction to the curriculum by each
agencies and their needs. In addition, by analyzing operation and management state of
education system of foreign authorized official laboratory, we proposed
individual-customized education system which is focused on consumer and is classified by
each field and the difficulty level in food analysis field. We also provided midterm and
long-term developing plans for food analysis education.
The aim of education of food analysis field is to cultivate the analyst with international
competitiveness and reliability. To achieve this goal, are 4 tasks presented; operating of
the lifelong educational systeme, introducing of the demand driven learning system and
building of educational training center, and 14 detail Subtasks. The draft of education
system and the course for KFDA, Research institute for health and environment, the authorized official laboratories and food industry are proposed.
Additionally through gathering the opinions on education of the industry, it can be
predicted to expand the scope of training. Holding the workshops and hearing opinions in
the consultation meeting, this study described the improved scheme about various
problems that each organization has. This study proposed to put the knowhow from
retired person to current workers. There already existed PUM of Netherlands and SCORE
of the United States. This study also suggest to build up a network, to make a
curriculum like Netherlands and the United States and to establish the foundation for
Ⅰ. 연구개발과제 요약문
1. 국문 요약문 1
2. 영문 요약문 3

Ⅱ. 연구개발과제 연구결과
제1장 연구개발과제의 목적 및 필요성 6
제2장 연구개발과제의 내용 및 방법 11
제3장 연구개발과제의 최종결과 및 고찰 19
제4장 연구개발과제의 연구 성과 151
제5장 참고문헌 153
제6장 부록 154
보고서 번호
정책보고서 2012-41
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