KIHASA Subject Classification

Welfare state
Social cohesion
Social security financing
Social security planning
International social security
Regional social security
Health and welfare digitization
Social security statistics

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Yun, Suk-myung
Research Fellow

Pension, Old Age Income Security, Public Finance

Lee, Yeonhee
Specialist Fellow

IoT, IT Performance Evaluation, Bigdata, Social Survey, Information Technology, MIS

Lee, Youngsook
Research Fellow

Tax, Finance, Social Security Policy, Modeling

Choi, Hyunsoo
Research Fellow

Social Policy, Poverty & Inequality, Income maintenance & Social service Policy, Tax-Benefit(EITC & CTC), Social Security Information System & Administrative Big Data, The 4th Industrial Revolution & Data-driven Actionable Intelligence, Policy Lab & Policy Experiment(Basic Income)

Choi, Hyejin
Associate Research Fellow

Social Policy Evaluation, Elderly Care, Child Care, Delivery System, Cost Estimation

Ha, Solleep
Associate Research Fellow

Public Finance, Policy Evaluation, Preferences & Behaviors, Health Economics

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