2018 Annual Report

2018 Annual Report
In 2018 alone, KIHASA researchers brought to completion 57 research reports and 129 policy reports. These reports cover policy diagnosis and
prescription for national issues concerning health care, social security and social welfare. In some of these we undertook evaluation and monitoring of
existing policies, with a view to ensuring that they are implemented in a trustable and reliable manner.
This Annual Report is intended to serve as a signpost with which to look back on what we did last year and direct our way forward. Along with the summaries of some of the notable research projects undertaken in 2018, this report listed various activities we conducted—policy dialogues, and
international conferences, among many others—in the past year.
01 About KIHASA
01. Mission, History, Functions 10
02. Organization Chart, KIHASA Staff 11
03. Vision & Management Goals, Implementation plans 12
04. Publicity and Collaboration 14
05. Library 15
06. Publications 16
07. KIHASA Websites 17

01 National Health Insurance coverage and preventive care management
Estimation of Disease and Disease Burden by Health Behavior
Impact of ill health on employment and household economic condition and its policy implication
The Production and Use of Statistics on Regional Health Expenditures
Health and medical service demand analysis and policy suggestions for Healthcare Development Plan
Exploring social networks in recovery from addiction
Health Impact Assessment for Public Health Policy
Health Impact Assessment Technical Support: Application of Participatory Approaches
Development of Strategy on Senior Friendly Healthcare for Healthy Ageing

02 The publicness of health care and patient-centered care
A study on the institutional system for improvement in dying journey and dying experiences the patients and their family
Policy Directions for Comprehensive Performance Improvement of Future Healthcare Technology
The appropriate level of public health sector through analysis of performance of health care supply
Research Project in 2018 02
Improving Health Care System Performance by Developing Promising Technologies and Competition:
Focusing on Biosimilars
2018 Korea Healthcare Quality Report: Korea Health Care System Performance
Developing Health Inequalities Report and Monitoring the Status of Health Inequalities in Korea
A Report on the Korea Health Panel Survey of 2016 : Chronic Disease, Morbidity, Health Behaviour and
Health Status

03 Customized social security for a basic standard of living
Statistical Yearbook of Poverty 2018
Analysis of the Effects on Financing Methods on Social Expenditures
The Composition and Effects of Cash and In-kind Programs
A Study on the Reasonable Accommodation Duty and the Job Accommodation Scheme for Persons with
Public Policy for the Older Adults with Dementia and Their Caregivers
A Study on Welfare Expenditure for Improvement of Welfare of Local Residents (Ⅰ) : Centered on
metropolitan municipalities
The Interaction Effects Between Governance and Social Capital on Life Satisfaction
Designing A Korean Welfare State Model V: Philosopical Foundation of Welfare State
A Study of Social Conflict and Social Cohesion in Korea with Policy Recommendations
The 2018 Korea Welfare Panel Study (KOWEPS): Descriptive Report
The 2018 Korea Welfare Panel Study (KOWEPS): An In-depth Report – International Comparison of Panel
Studies in Selected Countries

04 Social service infrastructure and social service jobs
Localization and Welfare Disparity: Focusing on the Service Delivery System
Social Welfare Delivery System for Optimizing Public Service Use(Ⅱ): A Focus on the Local Governance for Welfare Services
A study on the efficiency plan of social service providers: focus on the economy of scale
Strengthening Social Service System: A comprehensive analysis of social service protection
Study about the Improving the Evaluation of the Social Welfare Facilities
Development of Integrated Indicators for Measuring Social and Economic Values of the Social Economy in Korea
Understanding of Community Social Security Plan
Reinforcing the Community Mental Health Care Systems in Korea: Focusing on Community Care for
Severe Psychiatric Disorders

05 Life with breathing space: work-life balance
The Economic Burden of Diseases Attributable to Overwork and Policy Implications in Korea
A Study on the Countermeasures of Health Care Service According to the Trend of Shortening Working
Time Allocation for Work-Life Balance of Married Couples and Policy Implication
06 Healthy and seemly post-retirement life
Ensuring Dignity in Old Age with Improved Quality of Death
A study on the efficient use of the reverse mortgage for a stable elderly life
Changes in Double Care Burden in Korean Families with Middle-aged and Older Heads: Policy Implications
The Effect of Retirement on Mental Health and Cognitive Function
Regional Population Crisis and Migration Perpectives in Korea
Measures for Supporting Productive Activities In Later Life In Response to Super-Aged Society
A Comparative Study of Social Security Systems in Asia : Poverty and Employment of Elderly People in
selected Asian Countries
The EFC(Error, Fraud, Corruption) and Blind Spot in Housing Welfare: Focusing on the housing benefit

07 Reversing low fertility by investing in the future generation
A Study on Low-Fertility Response Strategy of East Asian Countries
Analysis of supply structure of childcare service and policy task
Housing Characteristics and Marriage Intentions among the Never-Married in Korea
Understanding experiences of abuse and violence among children and youths- A life course perspective
Child benefit and parental decision making about the form of child care
The Effect of Income Support for the Households with Children on Redistribution of Income
The 2018 National Survey on Fertility and Family Health and Welfare

08 Improving inter-Korean relations via improved inter-Korean cooperation
The Support Project for North Korean Infants and Children: A Social Network Analysis Approach to Its
Structure and Improvement
Inter-Korean Agenda on Health and Welfare: Analysis and Development of Implementation Plans
A Plan for North-South Korean Cooperation in Health and Welfare

09 Laying the groundwork for the 4th Industrial Revolution
Social big data trend analysis based on health and welfare issues in 2018
A Study on anomaly detection based on Machine Learning
The Data-driven restructuring strategy of inclusive and innovative social policy for the era of the 4th
industrial revolution

03 KIHASA Periodicals
01. Health and Social Welfare Review 108
02. Health-Welfare Forum 116
03. Health Welfare Issue & Focus 120
04. Research in Brief 121
05. Global Social Security Review 121
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