Changes in Family Attitudes and Behaviors in East Asia: A Comparative Perspective

Changes in Family Attitudes and Behaviors in East Asia: A Comparative Perspective

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Family Attitudes, East Asia, Comparative Perspective
The primary goal of this study is thus to analyze the recent trend in the family-related attitudes in East Asian countries and provide a synthesized overview on between-country variations in family behavior in the four East Asian societies: Korea, China, Japan, and Taiwan. These societies share traditional family values which are, to a certain extent, rooted in Confucian culture. Although there are large between-country variations, as are formed in accordance with the cultural and institutional environment of each society, many features of the family organization remain highly similar.
By paying attention to the recent changes, this study seeks for a more detailed understanding of family changes in contemporary East Asian society, and a more comprehensive perception of Korea in various aspects. In order to understand family change, a comprehensive understanding of changes in family values and attitudes of members of society at the root of the phenomenon should be premised.
Ⅰ. Introduction 11
Ⅱ.Changes in Family Formation in East Asian Families: 2006-2016 23
1.Changes in Attitudes toward Family and Gender in Korea: 2006-2016 26
2.Changes of Family in Taiwan: Comparing EASS Data of 2006 and 2016 58
3.Chinese Attitudes toward Family and Gender Roles: A Comparative Analysis Based on EASS Family Modules 90
4.Changes in Family Values and Behavior comparing Japan to Korea, China, Taiwan between 2006 and 2016 focusing on Japan 113
Ⅲ. Comparison of Families and Family Relationships in East Asia : Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and China 145
1.Family Changes and Family Values in Asian Societies: Exploring Similarities and Differences Based on EASS 2006/16 and CAFS 148
2.Comparison of Gender Role and Family in Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China 190
3.A Comparative Study of Marriage and Fertility in East Asia: China and Japan as the Largest Population Country since the New Century 232
4.Three-generation Co-residence and Life Satisfaction in East Asia 260
Ⅳ. Conclusion 293
Reference 307
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Research Report 2018-50
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