International Comparison of Social Cohesion

International Comparison of Social Cohesion

Hae-sik Jung; Seonga Kim

Social Cohesion Index; Social Inclusion; Social Mobility; Social Capital; Social Conflict and Governance
This study aims to develop a social cohesion index,

and to measure the level of social cohesion in

Korea in comparison with other OECD countries.

For these objectives, this study defined social

cohesion in terms of four sub-dimensions and 19

indicators by using the Delphi method. We also

calculated, using the AHP method, the weights of

composite indicators. Measured against the social

cohesion index developed in this study, Korea is

ranked 29th among a total of 30 OECD countries

in 2015. As for the sub-dimensions, Korea ranked

30th in social inclusion, 22nd in social capital, 24th

in social mobility and 26th in social conflict and

governance. These results are the outcome of

subjective weighting which based on social facts of

Korean society. Therefore, caution should be used

in interpreting these results.
Ⅰ. Introduction 1

1. Research Background 3

2. Research Purpose 5

Ⅱ. Literature Review 7

1. Review of the Existing Indices 9

2. Review of Methodologies 13

Ⅲ. Developing a System of Indicators of Social Cohesion 15

1. Overview 17

2. Defining the Dimensions of Social Cohesion 18

3. Identifying and Processing Indicators 22

4. Defining Weights 24

Ⅳ. Current Level of Social Cohesion in Korea 29

1. Measuring the Social Cohesion Index (SCI) 31

2. International Comparison of Social Cohesion 32

3. Social Cohesion in Korea 36

V. Conclusion 41

Bibliography 47

Appendices 49
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