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The Relationship between Employment Status and Depression: Mediating Effects through Income and Psychosocial Factors
  • 송이은;
  • 김진영

Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs, 2012-03-01, Health and Social Welfare Review Vol.32 No.1, pp.228-259

The Relationships between Perceived Neighborhood Characteristics and Self-Rated Health or Depression: The Interaction Effects with Sociodemographic Variables
  • 김진영

Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs, 2018-06-30, Health and Social Welfare Review Vol.38 No.2, pp.290-315

Pathways to Adolescent Problem Gambling: An Application of a Pathways Model of Problem and Pathological Gambling
  • Kim,, Jinyung;
  • Bae, Inkyung;
  • Chun, JongSerl

Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs, 2021-03-31, Health and Social Welfare Review Vol.41 No.1, pp.325-342